Guatemalan Recounts Time As Gang Member

describes graphic crimes – Guatemalan Recounts Time As Gang Member, December 22, 2008 · El Flaco, as we call him here, was member of Mara Salvatrucha for 18 years, before quitting two years ago. He’s 26, was born in El Salvador – and claims to have killed 22 people. Following are excerpts from an interview with NPR’s John Burnett. I was part of the Mara Salvatrucha, a gang which started in the United States and then went to El Salvador. The truth is, I want to leave because I was tired of harming the people. There’s a certain limit to where you get tired of doing bad things to people. I’m tired of living this life….What sorts of crimes did I commit? Various. Honestly, I considered crime my salary. We had a satanic cult in which we killed people….It’s no joke. In MS-13, we sold our souls to the devil, practically, so that he’ll give us everything we need. We sacrificed everybody, including innocent women and children. Every month or two we had to do a ritual.


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