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Issue 82 – September 2008

The purpose of this newsletter is to help stop secretive organizations and groups from abusing others and to help those who allege they have been abused by such organizations and groups. This newsletter is not a substitute for other ways of recovering from ritual abuse. Readers should use caution while reading this newsletter. If necessary, make sure other support systems are available during and after reading this newsletter.

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Legal Information

FLDS promises to stop marrying underage girls – Houston Chronicle 6/3/08 The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints made the startling announcement Monday that it will no longer allow underage girls to marry adults within their sect. The decision came on a day when 19 children at two Houston-area group homes were reunited with their parents, ending a two-month impasse between members of the polygamist church and Texas Child Protective Services over the future of more than 400 children. An investigation, meanwhile, continues into child abuse allegations at the Yearning For Zion Ranch in Eldorado.

Lawyer accuses sect leader of intimidating teen 6/20/08 (CNN) – A lawyer for a teen member of a polygamist sect has accused a sect leader of harassing and intimidating them both in a request for a restraining order filed Friday. Natalie Malonis filed the request for the restraining order against Willie Jessop in District Court in San Angelo, Texas. She is an attorney ad litem on behalf of the 16-year-old girl, who has been named in court documents as the daughter Warren Jeffs, the imprisoned “prophet” of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In the documents, Malonis suggested that Jessop may be trying to prevent the girl’s testimony before a grand jury. Jessop’s conduct, “if allowed to continue, will impede the investigation of a report of child abuse or neglect,” she said. There was no immediate response from Jessop to the court filing. The girl was among more than 400 children that state child welfare workers seized from the FLDS’s Yearning for Zion Ranch in April.

Cult expert: Texas shouldn’t have released FLDS kids By Thomas Burr The Salt Lake Tribune 06/28/08 Philadelphia – By sending the children in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints back home, Texas has opened up the doors to groups who want religious protection for abusing children, a leading church/state scholar said Saturday. Marci Hamilton, a professor at Princeton and Yeshiva University’s Cardozo Law School, told a conference of the International Cultic Studies Association that the Texas Supreme Court’s decision to release the FLDS children from foster care paired with a ruling Friday that tossed out an award for injuries a teenager suffered during an exorcism made a dangerous statement. “When you add yesterday’s decision to FLDS, the state of the Texas has just sent out an engraved invitation to any group who wants to abuse children,” Hamilton said. The two decisions make “Texas a very dangerous place for children.” Hamilton, the author of “God vs. the Gavel” and a lawyer who has taken up several cases of child sexual abuse, addressed a packed house at the conference at the University of Pennsylvania. The conference of social workers, sociologists, psychiatrists and scholars is focused on studying cultic groups, and several forums this weekend plan to look at the FLDS situation.

The United States Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearings on Polygamy Crimes: What Needs to Be Done at the Federal Level to Protect Children from Abuse and Neglect by Marci Hamilton 7/24/08 The tide is turning in favor of protecting children in polygamous communities – as several new developments evidence. First, the Senate Judiciary Committee is holding hearings on the crimes that occur in polygamous communities today….Second, Texas authorities now have indicted six of the men from the FLDS compound on a variety of counts, including child sex abuse, bigamy, and failing to report child sex abuse to the authorities. These indictments alone confirm the high level of risk faced by the children in the self-isolated FLDS, and should give fresh ammunition to Texas CPS authorities to protect the children from future abuse. To put the numbers in perspective, there were approximately 420 children rescued from the compound, a group the size of an entire small elementary school. Imagine if there were six teachers in your child’s elementary school who sexually abused their students or failed to report abuse. That is the situation in which these FLDS children live daily, except that the children live at home with their abusers, and do not just see them at school. Third, Sen. Harry Reid will be introducing a bill today that would establish a Task Force to investigate crimes in polygamous communities. While a Task Force is a great idea, there is a risk that the issue will be studied to death, without action ultimately being taken. In my testimony, reproduced below, I therefore ask the Judiciary Committee to charge the Task Force with consideration of three avenues of legal reform that would provide ways to punish and deter child abuse and neglect in polygamous (and other) communities: (1) amend the civil and criminal RICO laws to encompass child abuse and neglect; (2) incentivize the states to eliminate the statutes of limitations on child abuse and neglect; and (3) amend the tax laws to revoke the tax-exempt status of any organization that fosters or furthers child abuse or neglect…More specifically, the substance of my testimony submitted to the Committee is as follows: My testimony will focus on the child abuse and neglect crimes that arise out of polygamous communities and suggest legislative solutions to these serious problems. As is well known, religious polygamous communities have exhibited a disregard for the laws of marriage, child sex abuse, statutory rape, and criminal child neglect. The problems for children in these groups arise directly from the desired proportion of men to women in the groups. At the base line, girls and boys are usually born in about equal proportions. In order to have as many women to choose from as possible, girls are married to men as soon as they are of childbearing age and forced to have as many children as possible. To keep the number of men low vis-à-vis the women, select boys are discarded.

describes crimes – Blind Eye to Culture of Abuse – Children of a polygamist sect have been exploited, molested for years. By David Kelly and Gary Cohn, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers 5/12/06 Colorado City, Ariz. – For half a century, while polygamous members of this remote enclave engaged in widespread sexual abuse and child exploitation, government authorities on all levels did little to intervene or protect generations of victims. Here in the sparsely populated canyon lands straddling Arizona and Utah, members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or FLDS — an offshoot of Mormonism — live by their own rules. The religious sect of about 10,000 portrays itself as an industrious commune of the faithful, choosing to live apart from a hostile world. But their simple lifestyle and self-imposed isolation have concealed troubling secrets that are only beginning to emerge. Court records, undisclosed investigative reports and interviews by The Times over the last year show that church authorities flout state and federal laws and systematically deny rights and freedoms, especially to women and children. “The fact that this has been going on all these years, and the fact that justice has not been there to protect women and children … from amazing civil rights violations – it is an embarrassment,” said Utah Atty. Gen. Mark Shurtleff….Among sect members, girls as young as 13 are forced into marriage, sexual abuse is rampant, rape is covered up and child molesters are shielded by religious authorities and law enforcement. Boys are thrown out of town, abandoned like unwanted pets by the side of the road and forcibly ostracized from their families to reduce competition among the men for multiple wives….Wives are threatened with mental institutions if they fail to “keep sweet,” or obedient, for their husbands. Warren Jeffs, a wiry third-generation church member, is the sect leader — a post that carries the title “prophet” and gives him virtually absolute control over the most intimate conduct. Jeffs orders marriages, splits up families, evicts residents and exiles whomever he wants with no regard for legal processes. He even tells couples when they can and can’t have sex….Some who fled the community in recent years are coming forward to tell investigators harrowing tales of repression and abuse inflicted behind a facade of pious devotion to faith and family: * Brent Jeffs reported being sodomized repeatedly at age 5 by the principal of his school – an uncle who would later become religious leader of the community – current fugitive Warren Jeffs. * Sara Hammon said her father, a prominent religious leader with 19 wives, routinely molested her, even sliding his hand up her dress while on his deathbed. * More than 400 boys, some as young as 13, have been thrown out of town for church infractions such as wearing short-sleeved shirts or talking to girls. Some, referred to locally as “Lost Boys,” were dumped along the road with only the clothes they were wearing, and banned from contact with their families. Many of the displaced boys recently filed suit in state court against the church. Despite years of such stories and allegations, public agencies on both sides of the state line have failed to act or been slow to intervene.,0,5615729.story

all allegations are alleged – Polygamy refugee steps into storm over church – Henderson woman tells of abuse, becomes vocal critic of the sect Kathleen Mackert, who in 1986 left the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, hopes telling her story will help in an effort to create a federal task force to investigate polygamy-related crime. By Abigail Goldman 7/13/08….Clyde Mackert and his wives must have put on their best faces for the flashbulb. This was Life magazine, after all, coming to photograph them canning corn, and singing hymns, and scrambling eggs for breakfast, and all they had to do was show the world polygamy isn’t bad. Show the world, in five thin pages of the September 1953 magazine, that Arizona Gov. Howard Pyle was wrong to raid the homes of FLDS faithful in Short Creek, Ariz., wrong to take women and children by the busload, wrong to say the polygamist sect was “dedicated to the wicked theory that every maturing girl child … should be forced into multiple wifehood with men of all ages.” For this small act of public relations, for baring his family’s fundamentalist teeth to the magazine-reading world some 55 years ago, the husband to three and father of 27 was knighted a hero, one of Clyde Mackert’s daughters says. Two months ago, that hero’s sacrifice came full circle and collapsed. That same daughter, Kathleen Mackert, not even born when Life magazine photographed her family, suddenly found herself on the national news, a bobbing head in box, talking about how polygamy and the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were everything Pyle alleged and more….So, she’s hiding no more. After years of silence, she’s talking. “It’s almost like I can’t get rid of (Jeffs) until it gets set right,” she said, “and its not going to get set right until somebody does something, not just about him, but something to help the kids.” So another raid, this one of the FLDS compound in Texas, Jeffs’ return to Vegas, and another Mackert in the spotlight with a story to sell. Though far from canning corn with a smile, this Mackert is pitching a message about her childhood and church: “I spent most of my life as a sex slave.” Although her father’s magazine debut made it seem the children of Short Creek should stay with their parents, Mackert’s media appearances after the April raid of Yearning for Zion Ranch came with a different message: Get those girls out of Texas. She should know. She was one once — an FLDS teenager with plaited hair and prairie dresses — helpless then as she feels now. Hundreds of children were taken from the Texas FLDS compound in April only to be returned to their parents in June, after the Texas courts ruled they faced no imminent threat at the ranch. Mackert says the courts got it wrong. “I believe (FLDS) children are being abused. I have no doubt of it. And I do believe there are women who don’t want to be forced to marry someone they don’t know or love. And I do believe there are children who want to be rescued,” Mackert said, sitting in a clean and well-chilled Henderson apartment that is hers alone….In the weeks after the April 3 raid on the Texas ranch, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blasted authorities in Arizona and Utah for being afraid to do anything about FLDS crimes in their states. At least, afraid to do anything since Short Creek, which was seen at the time as a wild assault on religious freedom. “To have what goes on in Arizona and in Utah go on year after year and people turn a blind eye to it,” Reid said during a radio interview, “I think it is a travesty.” Reid was quickly scolded by Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, who told him to get educated before he “opens his trap.” Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard called it “ignorant posturing.” Mackert called it dead accurate and was thrilled to learn Reid had phoned U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey to say something he has said before: We need a federal task force to investigate polygamy-related crime. Mackert remembers her home as very different from what the frozen photos in Life suggest. The house churned with constant panic. Her father, she says, would slip into the sisters’ shared bedroom and (allegedly) molest them. Her mothers — first there were just three, and then a fourth joined — would wage polite war over petty jealousies. From the pulpit, church leaders preached beating children “nye unto death for direct disobedience,” she recalls. Then there was the fear being “poofed.” That’s what the Mackert girls called it, after an older man who married one teenage sister and — poof — took her away without warning. That disappearance, paired with the constant talk of a woman’s duty to reproduce and the sexual abuse, hovered over Mackert like a monster. “I used to have nightmares of being in heaven and being strapped to a breeding stall … and just repeatedly being impregnated and having babies,” she said. “I would wake up in a cold, horrified sweat.” Mackert resolved to make it out alive, which she accomplished by becoming emotionally dead. This went on until just before her 18th birthday, in 1975, when she was called to her father’s den in the middle of the night. Waiting there were all four wives and her father, with a revelation from then-prophet Leroy Johnson: Mackert had to marry her stepbrother. She was happy — she knew who he was. The couple was given special permission to live away from the rest of the FLDS faithful so Mackert’s husband could work….The question of a federal polygamy task force came up again in June, when Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto discussed the issue with her counterparts from Utah and Arizona. But Reid wasn’t there, and the meeting ended where it started: With no plans to launch a task force. Shortly thereafter, FBI Director Robert Mueller told the Salt Lake Tribune he wasn’t sure a task force was necessary. Mackert hasn’t given up hope. She’s trying to rally Reid. She called his office to share her support, and was told to write a letter instead. So she wrote an e-mail, praising him for chastising politicians she feels have ignored decades of sex crimes and child abuse in the FLDS communities. She got a reply, too: a form letter, addressing the issue of immigration. A mistake. Reid’s representatives assure that the majority leader is still an advocate of the task force, but to any outsider looking in, the issue seems dead. In Texas, child welfare authorities almost have egg on their faces, though they insist they uncovered a pattern of sexual abuse and forced marriages. Meanwhile, the state is figuring out how to pay for the fiasco, which cost millions, and is far from over. Mackert now feels the responsibility falls on her, and her siblings, almost all of whom have left the FLDS. Two of her sisters, Rena and Mary, are also speaking about their childhoods. Together, the three are part of a shrill chorus — former FLDS members who detail the ills of the church to whoever will listen, hoping they can get somebody to care. Or at least see beyond the titillating stories of sex with children and a “prophet” who went from church-supported fugitive to ailing jailbird. Trying to help comes at a cost, however. Some of the sisters have gotten death threats, Mackert says. Still, Mackert hopes, maybe this latest development, a sick prophet, convicted of being an accomplice to rape, and facing additional charges related to arranging marriages between girls and men, will stay in the news for a while. And maybe Mackert, a grandmother now, will be called onto the airwaves again, to continue what’s become a sort of family tradition: Talking about the FLDS church, no matter how much the Mackert message has changed in the past 50 years.

Documents could play role in criminal probe of FLDS sect By Terri Langford 7/18/08 Warren Jeffs, the jailed leader of the nation’s largest polygamist sect under investigation for sex with underage girls, married off his 15-year-old daughter to the 34-year-old son of his chief deputy, according to pictures, diaries and a marriage record obtained Friday by the Houston Chronicle. In May, a series of similar scrapbook photos of young girls surfaced in court, showing very young girls in romantic kissing embraces with Jeffs, including a girl he married, who documents now indicate was 11 years old at the time. But the documents involving Jeffs’ underage daughter show that marriages of teen girls were not customs practiced only by some, but included the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ leader, who sect members believe takes his orders directly from God. Last year, Jeffs was convicted in Utah on two counts of accomplice to rape for his role in forcing a 14-year-old to marry her 19-year-old cousin. The documents were attached to a report filed Friday by Court-Appointed Special Advocates, also known as CASA, in San Angelo. “It is CASA’s determination that if (Jeffs’ daughter’s) preferences were followed, it would place her in a dangerous environment and subject her to sexual abuse,” the report stated….The CASA report details how Jeffs encouraged what officials deem to be sexual abuse. It cites copies of diary entries written by both the girl and her father, plus pictures that appear to be pulled from the teen’s own photo scrapbook that include a picture of her embracing and kissing her husband, Raymond Jessop. “I was shown that I should perform three marriage sealings tonight,” according to a journal dictated by Warren Jeffs in which he describes marrying his daughter and two others, including the marriage of an 11-year-old girl to himself, on Thursday, July 27, 2006.

Polygamist sect leader Jeffs, 5 others indicted By Michelle Roberts 7/22/08 Eldorado, Texas (AP) – A Texas grand jury Tuesday indicted polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs on a charge of felony sexual assault of a child. Five of his followers have been indicted as well. Attorney General Greg Abbott said four of Jeffs’ followers are charged with one count of sexually assaulting girls under the age of 17. One of the four faces an additional charge of bigamy….Grand jury proceedings are supposed to be secret, but documents released as part of the separate child custody case involving the FLDS children have revealed some of the evidence collected by law enforcement during the week long raid that began April 3. Among the hundreds of boxes of photos, documents and family Bibles, investigators found photos of Jeffs in intimate embraces and kissing several apparently underage girls. A journal entry purportedly from Jeffs attached to a report by a child advocate indicates he married his daughter to a 34-year-old man the day after she turned 15. The girl turns 17 on Saturday and has denied being married, though the child advocate report indicates intimate notes between the girl and man were also found in the raid. The girl, who playfully climbed a giant oak tree while waiting to be called to testify last month, left the community building frowning as she talked to her lawyer. The Associated Press is not identifying her because authorities believe she may be a sexual abuse victim.

Senate hearing set to talk about FLDS, polygamy crimes By Ben Winslow Deseret News 7/17/08 The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee has formally scheduled a hearing next week on crimes within polygamous sects. The July 24 hearing in Washington has been formally titled: “Crimes associated with polygamy: The need for a coordinated state and federal response.” The committee announced the hearing on Wednesday, but did not include a witness list. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, sits on the committee. The main target of the committee hearing appears to be the Fundamentalist LDS Church, whose ranch in Eldorado, Texas, was raided by child welfare authorities and law enforcement in April on allegations of abuse. Hundreds of children were removed from the YFZ Ranch, but ultimately returned after two Texas courts ruled the state acted improperly.,5143,700243855,00.html

Why The Texas Supreme Court’s Ruling Regarding the FLDS Mothers Is Significantly More Protective of the Children Involved than the Media Have Painted It To Be by Marci Hamilton 6/3/08 Recently, the Texas Supreme Court affirmed the state’s Third Circuit appellate court’s ruling that Child Protective Services (CPS) lacked adequate evidence to justify taking all of the children from the FLDS’s Yearning for Zion compound. However, as I will explain, there are significant differences between the two rulings, which bode well for the endangered children of the FLDS. The Texas Supreme Court Affirms that CPS Has Ongoing Jurisdiction….The Texas Supreme Court made it clear that CPS’s investigation of abuse was far from over. Indeed, it made a point of listing the means by which the district court could further protect the children, even as they were permitted to return to the compound….The Texas Supreme Court Did Not Clear the Adults at the FLDS Compound of Abuse Claims, Nor Did It Vindicate Any “Rights” on Their Part It is extremely important for people to understand this point: The Texas Supreme Court did not say that there was no abuse and did not place its imprimatur on the notion that the FLDS to could return to abuse as usual….An Admirable Dissent Penned By the Court’s Only Female Justice A three-judge dissent to the Texas Supreme Court’s opinion was written by Justice O’Neill. The only woman on the court, Justice O’Neill made the compelling argument that at least the class of pubescent girls should have remained in state custody. It is a sad commentary on the plight of children in our society that her view did not obtain a majority.

from LMS Forced, under-age marriage claims – Five indicted men in polygamous sect surrender in Texas By Jay Root AP 07/29/08 Austin, Texas – Five indicted members of a West Texas polygamist sect turned themselves in to authorities Monday to face charges related to allegations of child sexual abuse. The five men were indicted last week with Warren Jeffs, the already-jailed leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The charges stem from a state investigation into allegations that the sect forced underage girls into marriage and motherhood with much older men. State authorities raided the FLDS’s Yearning For Zion Ranch in Eldorado on April 3, eventually sweeping more than 400 children into foster care until the state Supreme Court said officials had overreached and sent the children home.

Child Protective Services (CPS) is asking a judge to place eight children into foster care because their mothers have refused to limit the children’s contact with men involved in underage marriages. The action comes as CPS completes the first investigations involving children removed in April from the Yearning for Zion (YFZ) Ranch in Eldorado…CPS is asking the mothers of girls ages 10-17 to sign safety plans to protect their children from sexual abuse. For children who lived in a home with a man who married underage girls or agreed to an arranged marriage of an underage daughter, the safety plans include a requirement to keep the children away from that man. In the cases of the eight children listed in today’s court filing, the mothers have refused to sign the safety plans. The children in these cases include six girls and two boys who range in age from 5 to 17 years old. CPS is asking 51st District Judge Barbara Walther to set hearings on the removals.

warning : graphically describes alleged crimes – Boy ‘skinned and eaten’ by his cannibal cult family after being held captive in a cellar By Daily Mail Reporter 6/21/08 An eight year-old boy was skinned and his flesh fed to cannibal relatives after his mother kept him locked in a cellar, a court has heard. Evil Klara Mauerova – a member of a sinister religious cult – wept in court as she admitted torturing her son Ondrej and his ten year-old brother Jakub….Mauerova has admitted abusing her children but she said she had been manipulated by her sister Katerina and Skrlova. All three of them had been part of a cult called the Grail Movement which claims to have hundreds of followers in Britain as well as tens of thousands of others worldwide. Katerina Mauerova and Skrlova and another relative are all accused of involvement in the abuse of the boys. The court has also heard claims that the abuse of the boys was co-ordinated by a man known only as the “Doctor” who sent mobile phone text messages to the Mauerova sisters telling them how to abuse the two boys. Local media have said that the sinister figure could be one of the leaders of the Grail Movement the women were involved with.

Trial delayed in Texas sex club involving children By Paul J. Weber AP Writer 6/23/08 Dallas – The third trial of an alleged member of a swingers club accused of forcing children into sex shows was postponed Monday amid allegations that the foster father to the young victims molested other children. prosecutors said the California child sex charges against John Cantrell, who has custody of three siblings who allegedly performed inside the club, has nothing to do with their case in Texas. Cantrell, 64, was charged last week with sexually assaulting two of his foster children in 1990. His wife has denied the allegations. Margie Cantrell first told authorities in 2005 about what the children – now ages 12, 10, and 7 – revealed to her about having being forced into sex at the former daycare….Kelly, 41, is the third alleged member of the so-called “Mineola Swingers Club” to stand trial. He and five others are accused of teaching children as young as 5 to have sex with each other and dance provocatively for crowds as large as 100 people. Jurors this year deliberated less than five minutes before returning guilty verdicts against the first two defendants. Thad Davidson, Kelly’s lawyer, says his client passed a lie-detector test and is innocent.

describes crimes – Third trial begins Monday in Mineola swingers club, child-sex ring case 8/4/08 By Lee Hancock / The Dallas Morning News Tyler – It’s a tale made for tabloids – an East Texas swingers club at a former day-care center….But what makes the state criminal trial starting today horrific are its star witnesses. Four girls and a boy, now ages 7 to 15, say their parents, grandparents and family friends – seven defendants in all – made them take “silly pills” and learn sex acts in what the adults dubbed “kindergarten.” When they got good enough, the children say, they were forced to strip-dance for strangers at a Mineola sex club. Two of the defendants – including three of the children’s cocaine- and meth-using mother – were convicted of sexual abuse last spring and sentenced to life in prison. In each case, the jury took less than five minutes to convict. The third defendant, a 41-year-old auto-body worker named Patrick “Booger Red” Kelly, goes on trial today at the Smith County Courthouse. All the defendants deny wrongdoing….Mr. Kelly’s attorney, Thad Davidson of Tyler, contends in court filings that the kids fabricated stories, prompted by foster parents who face their own abuse allegations.

describes crimes – 3rd trial in Tyler children’s swinger’s club gets under way – 11-year-old girl testifies about being drugged and forced to perform sex acts By Paul J. Weber AP 8/6/08 TYLER – An East Texas man took part in “pure evil” when he allegedly helped run swinger parties that forced children young as 5 to have sex, prosecutors told jurors Tuesday. An 11-year-old girl then testified about taking “silly pills” and playing “doctor” with her younger brother at the so-called Mineola Swinger’s Club, where prosecutors say the siblings performed for paying audiences. “They were forced to do indescribable acts,” Smith County Assistant District Attorney Joe Murphy said. “These acts were their life.”Patrick “Booger Red” Kelly, an alleged member of the club, is charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and aggravated sexual assault of a child. He pleaded not guilty….Kelly is accused of helping start a “kindergarten,” where the children learned to have sex with each other and dance provocatively. From there, the children graduated to the sex club, which was a rented-out former day care and hospital in the tiny railroad town of Mineola….John Cantrell, who was given custody of the girl and her siblings, is charged in California with sexually assaulting two of his foster children in 1990. Anthony Finkas, his attorney, has said Cantrell is innocent. Margie Cantrell, John’s wife, first told authorities in 2005 about what the children revealed to her about having being forced into sex inside the windowless rooms of the former day care. Jamie Pittman and Shauntel Mayo were sentenced to life in prison after jurors deliberated less than five minutes in both trials. Four other defendants in the case are awaiting trial.

describes violence and crimes – Testimony Continues In Mineola Swingers’ Club Trial By Casey Knaupp 8/7/08 Child Protective Services workers testified Wednesday that the sexual abuse three siblings and their young aunt endured in the “Mineola Swingers’ Club” case was the “worst of the worst.” Patrick “Booger Red” Kelly, 41, Tyler, is on trial for engaging in organized criminal activity – forcing two of the siblings to have sex with each other for his financial gain – on Aug. 1, 2004. He could face five years to life in prison if convicted by the seven-woman, five-man Smith County jury in 241st District Judge Jack Skeen Jr.’s court. The oldest of the three sibling victims, who is now 11, testified for another three hours on Wednesday. She answered questions, mostly posed by defense attorneys, for nearly six hours on Tuesday. Two foster parents and two CPS workers involved with the children also testified. The 11-year-old girl said Kelly, whom she knows as “Booger Red,” was part of a group, which included her mother, who taught her and other children how to dance and perform sex acts in “kindergarten,” beginning at age 5, at Kelly’s house. The children then were allegedly forced to perform sex acts at the club in Mineola for an audience and the adults made money while they children “wouldn’t get fed” if they didn’t perform, she said. The children were also given “silly pills” before they danced and were threatened not to tell, she said….She was asked by defense about acts the kids allegedly performed at the club, including her and her brother playing “doctor” and having sex with each other, an act where Jamie Pittman shot and killed her brother’s dog and an act where Pittman hanged chickens. She circled the rooms of the club where the acts and dancing took place on a diagram she drew earlier for Ranger Kemp. She said there were pictures of the children, sometimes in their costumes and sometimes nude, hanging on the walls of the club. The victim said Kelly told her he would hang her by the tree next to his house if she ever told anyone anything. She said Kelly told her little sister he would put her in a cave if she told….She said they burned videos of the children and their costumes at Kelly’s house because “they didn’t want to get caught.” The sexual abuse occurred four or five years ago, when the girl was 5, 6 and 7 years old, she said, adding that some things she doesn’t remember. She said she wasn’t making up the story and she wasn’t lying; she was telling “exactly what happened.”….The victims in the case are the 11-year-old girl, her 9-year-old brother and her 7-year-old sister, as well as their 10-year-old aunt. A 15-year-old daughter of one of the co-defendants was also allegedly sexually abused. Although the club is in Wood County, the defendants were charged in Smith County because they lived here and reportedly held “kindergarten” at their houses. Prosecutors claim the offenses began and ended in Smith County when the children left and returned to the homes. Ms. Mayo and Jamie Pittman have been convicted and sentenced to life in prison and face additional charges. Dennis Boyd Pittman, Rebecca Pittman, Shelia Darlene Sones and Jimmy Dale Sones, await trials.

345 arrested, kids rescued in prostitution busts by Lara Jakes Jordan – Washington (AP) — Hundreds of people have been arrested and 21 children rescued in what the FBI is calling a five-day roundup of networks of pimps who force children into prostitution. The Justice Department says it targeted 16 cities as part of its “Operation Cross Country” that caps off five years of similar stings nationwide. Many of the children forced into prostitution are either runaways or what authorities call “thrown-aways” – kids whose families have shunned them. Officials say they are preyed upon by organized networks of pimps who lure them in with shelter or drugs, then often beat, starve or otherwise abuse them until the children agree to work the streets. “We together have no higher calling than to protect our children and to safeguard their innocence,” FBI Director Robert Mueller said Wednesday. “Yet the sex trafficking of children remains one of the most violent and unforgivable crimes in this country.” In all, authorities arrested 345 people – including 290 adult prostitutes – during the operation that ended this week. Since 2003, 308 pimps and hookers have been convicted in state and federal courts of forcing youngsters into prostitution, and 433 child victims have been rescued, Mueller said….A University of Pennsylvania study estimates nearly 300,000 children in the United States are at risk of being sexually exploited for commercial uses – “most of them runaways or thrown-aways,” said Ernie Allen, president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

describes crimes – Vatican accused over girl’s murder By Malcolm Moore in Rome 6/23/08 – The Vatican has been accused of ordering the assassination of a teenage girl who went missing 25 years ago. Emanuela Orlandi, the daughter of a Vatican employee, was 15 years old when she disappeared after a flute lesson in central Rome. She was last seen at a bus stop on her way home on June 22, 1983. The investigation into her disappearance was reopened this week following new evidence from the former girlfriend of Enrico De Pedis, a Roman mobster. Sabrina Minardi, a recovering drug addict, alleged in a statement to Italian police that De Pedis had kidnapped Miss Orlandi…Ms Minardi also alleged that Miss Orlandi had been seized and killed on the orders of Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, the then head of the Vatican bank. Monsignor Marcinkus died in 2006 in Sun City, Arizona, after being disgraced during his spell in Rome. The archbishop was investigated by the Organised Crime office of the US Justice Department after they found a request for $950 million of counterfeit bonds made on Vatican notepaper. In 1982, Mgr Marcinkus was implicated in the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano and the murder of Roberto Calvi, the head of the bank whose body was found swinging from Blackfriars Bridge in London. The archbishop is alleged to have had ties with Michele Sindona, a mafioso, and was forced to stand aside as head of the Vatican Bank in 1989. Miss Orlandi was killed on Mgr Marcinkus’ orders “to send a message to someone”, said Ms Minardi, without revealing more….She added: “This was not a kidnapping for money, it was a symbolic kidnapping. They seized Emanuela to give someone a message.”’s-murder.html

Careworker jailed for 29 years for sexually abusing 29 children By JPOST.COM staff 7/10/08 Yitzhak Borovski, who was employed as a careworker in a kindergarten and schools in his haredi neighborhood, was jailed for 29 years on Thursday for committing sodomy and other forms of sexual abuse against 29 children over a period of six months….Borovski, 30, from a haredi neighborhood in central Israel, committed the offenses on kids aged between three and 12. The court said that he exploited his position, convincing the children to let him abuse them by offering them presents and using threats when he deemed it necessary. He warned several of his victims that he would harm them further if they told anyone of the abuse.

from LMS The Prescott Case – Key Dates and Events (and information about the case) – The revelations that sparked the largest, most complex sexual abuse investigation in Canadian history were shocking in their brutality. They opened the door to an unprecedented number of cases of child sexual abuse, which while less bizarre, were no less repugnant. By December 1989, it had become clear that the victimization of children went well beyond the original family system investigated by the joint police and child protection team. There were also individuals outside this family who were preying on these children as well as others….October 1994   The total number of child victims had increased to 162 and the number of perpetrators to 119. Sixty-five persons had been charged with 376 offences. After 45 completed trials the conviction rate was 91%. Nineteen cases were still before the courts….Part of the reason the Ministry reacted as quickly as it did may have had to do with what appeared to be an upsurge of apparent ritual abuse cases in Ontario, and a desire to get a better handle on them. Although the first disclosures seemed to point in this direction, Gummer stresses that the investigators “never labelled the case ritual abuse per se, because the term is so ambiguous.”

Jersey abuse case: ‘Old boy network’ is obstructing police investigation – An “old boy network” of officials is deliberately obstructing police investigating decades of alleged abuse at care homes in Jersey, according to the police officer who spearheaded the inquiry. By Gordon Rayner, Chief Reporter 8/9/08 Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper angrily hit out at the figures who he says have engaged in a “day by day attack” on the inquiry team and the alleged victims of abuse at Haut de la Garenne and other island institutions. In his most outspoken criticism of the Jersey authorities, Mr Harper told the Telegraph: “I can quite clearly say that the investigation is being held up. There are people on the island who just don’t want us going down the route of this inquiry.”….Police currently have 80 names of people suspected of physical and sexual abuse at Haut de la Garenne, three of whom have been charged and are awaiting trial. More suspects would have been charged by now, said Mr Harper, if it hadn’t been for delays in the island’s legal system.

Up to Half a Million Kids Exploited for Prostitution in Brazil – Written by Newsroom 6/5/08 ….The annual report reviews human trafficking laws in close to 200 countries covering the period from March 2007 to March 2008. It’s believed that about 2.5 million people the world over are victims of human trafficking, 80% of them being women, and half of them minors….The Brazilian Federal Police estimate that 250,000 children are exploited for prostitution, although NGOs put the number as high as 500,000.
Mind Control and Experimentation

RITUAL ABUSE IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY Psychological, Forensic, Social and Political Considerations by Randy Noblitt and Pam Perskin Noblitt Allegations of ritual abuse are universal and mental health professionals, theologians, law enforcers, scholars, victim advocates, and others struggle to comprehend the enormity of the devastation left in the wake of these heinous acts. Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-first Century addresses the concerns that naturally evolve from any discussion of this phenomenon from the perspectives of professionals, advocates, and survivors from around the world….How valid are the survivors’ stories? Is there evidence? What are the consequences of these acts to the individual and society? Why have these allegations been ignored or discredited whenever they have surfaced? The authors of these chapters respond to these and other questions in an effort to illustrate the constellation of psychological, health, legal, criminal, societal, and spiritual ramifications of ritual abuse. Chapters address current issues including ritually based crime, civil suits involving allegations of ritual abuse, that are universal. The value of understanding ritual trauma for diagnostic and treatment applications is discussed. ISBN:  978-1-934759-12-7 ISBN 10:  1-934759-12-0 Soft cover, 6 x 9, 552 pages, $39.95 US Robert D. Reed Publishers, POB 1992, Bandon, OR  97411 Phone 541 347-9882  Fax: -9883

Forensic Aspects of Dissociative Identity Disorder – Author:Sachs, Adah & Galton, Graeme (Eds). Publisher : Karnac Books, 2008 ISBN 1855755963….book examines the role of crime in the lives of people with Dissociative Identity Disorder

In this book there is a chapter on The extreme abuse surveys: Preliminary findings regarding dissociative identity disorder authors: Becker, T.; Karriker, W.; Overkamp, B.; Rutz, C. p. 32-49 Data on the study is included in the chapter. Eighty-four percent of those saying they had been diagnosed with DID/MPD also stated that they were survivors of RA/MC. 543 stated they had been ritually abused in a satanic cult.

Website describes crimes – MEDIA PACKET – Torture-based, Government-sponsored Mind Control Experimentation on Children – Documentation that torture-based, government-sponsored mind control (GMC) experimentation was conducted on children during the Cold War. Data from two international surveys that give voice, visibility, and validation to survivors of these crimes against humanity….SURVEYS – EAS: Extreme Abuse Survey for Adult Survivors (An International Online Survey for Adult Survivors of Extreme Abuse) January 1 – March 30, 2007 with 1471 respondents from 31 named countries. P-EAS: Professional – Extreme Abuse Survey (An International Online Survey for Therapists, Counselors, Clergy, and Other Persons Who Have Worked Professionally with at Least One Adult Survivor of Extreme Abuse) April 1 – June 30 2007 with 451 respondents from 20 named countries. Contact: Wanda Karriker, PhD

The Institute on Violence, Abuse & Trauma (IVAT) at Alliant International University Presents: Promoting Peace; Integrating Practice, Research, and Policy – Affiliated Institutes (all day trainings by collaborating organizations) Friday and Saturday, September 12-13, 2008 Pre-Conference Workshops, Conference, and Post-Conference Workshops Sunday through Wednesday, September 14-17, 2008 For information Call: (858) 527-1860 x4270 or write One workshop at this conference will be : P2 Torture-Based Mind Control: Empirical Research, Programmer Methods, Effects & Treatment – Ellen Lacter, Randy Noblitt, Wanda Karriker, Eileen Schrader – Advanced: This workshop provides current knowledge about mind control programming, its effects on its victims, challenges in the recovery process, and effective treatment strategies and healing methods. Clinical observations made by the presenters from their extensive work with mind control survivors are supported by preliminary data obtained from the 2007 series of International Extreme Abuse.

Torture of Canadian Women by Non-State Actors in the Private Sphere: A Shadow Report – Members of the Nova Scotia ‘torture free zone’ circle of the NGO Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW), Linda MacDonald and Jeanne Sarson, have submitted a report to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). The report is entitled Torture of Canadian Women by Non-State Actors in the Private Sphere: A Shadow Report. The report includes Canadian women’s oral testimonies of various forms of torture they report enduring. It also presents survey findings of Canadian and non-Canadian women’s reproductive tortures. Recommendations include amendments to the Canadian Criminal Code to specifically name and criminalize acts of non-state torture; that statistical data then be kept on acts of non-state torture; that victimized persons be provided with appropriate support and resources, and research and educative interventions be implemented. The report is timely considering, for example, the UN Press Release of June 26, 2008. In this Joint Statement on the Occasion of the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, it is stated that certain forms of gender-specific violence perpetrated by State and non-state actors is now recognized as falling within the definition of torture. (See  The Shadow Report can be accessed via the OHCHR website: listed under Canada then Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) or at Torture of Canadian Women by Non-state Actors in the Private Sphere: a Shadow Report March, 2008….Submitted by Jeanne Sarson, MEd, BScN, RN & Linda MacDonald, MEd, BN, RN 2008

Couple face more sex charges – More details of alleged satanic activity emerge – Anne Blythe, Staff Writer – Durham – 7/2/08 A husband and wife face more charges in a case that contains allegations of sexual assault and satanic rituals that include shackling, caging and depriving a man of food and water. Joseph Scott Craig, 25, and Joy Suzanne Johnson, 30, both of 2305 Albany St., are scheduled to appear in Durham County court this morning on the new charges in a case that has shocked acquaintances and former co-workers of the couple. Johnson resigned this week as third vice chairwoman of the Durham County Democratic Party and vice chairwoman of the Young Democrats. The charges stem from accusations of sexual assault and kidnapping by a woman who listed the couple’s home as her address.

Third person charged in satanic rituals case By Anne Blythe and Stanley B. Chambers Jr., Staff Writers 7/2/08 Durham – Another local Democratic official has been charged in a criminal case that includes allegations of sexual assault and satanic rituals. Diana Palmer, first vice chairwoman of the Durham County Democratic Party, turned herself in to Durham police this afternoon .Palmer, 44, of Cottage Woods Court, was charged with one count of accessory after the fact of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury….”Ms. Palmer vehemently denies any association whatsoever with a satanic cult,” Thomas said this afternoon while his client was being processed at the jail. “She further denies any knowledge of a crime being perpetrated by the persons previously arrested.”

describes crimes – Video: Satanic Sex Crime Leads To Arrest Of Democratic Activist – Channel 5 News – Durham 7/1/08
Journal Articles

Do children lie about sexual abuse? Not usually 6/21/2008 By John Weiss – Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN Children do lie, but seldom about being abused, an expert said. “All human beings can and do lie, but it’s hard for kids to do it about sex,” said Victor Vieth, director of the National Child Protection Training Center at Winona State University. “They can’t lie about something they have no knowledge of,” he said, and children don’t learn about oral sex on Sesame Street. Young children might try to trick parents with other things, such as if they cleaned their rooms, but they aren’t very good at it, he said. “It has to be that way or us parents wouldn’t have a chance,” he said. Older children can lie about sex abuse, but that’s hard, for other reasons, he said. It’s no fun to make an accusation of sexual abuse,” Vieth said. They know others will know they made the accusations and they could be teased about it, he said. They also know they might have to be examined in a hospital and testify in court in front of others, including the media. “When exactly does it start being fun for those kids?” he said. Children also come under heavy pressure to recant, he said. Most find living with a lie if they recant is easier than living with abuse if they do testify. In fact, say those working with children, the opposite is closer to the truth — children tend to underreport abuse. Lying is rare, said Nancy Reuvers, supervisor of child/family services for Dodge County. “If anything, they will protect their parents,” she said.

Abuse cases difficult to prosecute 6/21/2008 By John Weiss Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN  The legal system often has a hard time dealing with child abuse because many victims aren’t old enough to speak or don’t have words to describe the abuse. If the cases go to trial, children have to sit in a courtroom and face the people accused of abusing them, said Jim Martinson, chief deputy with the Olmsted County Attorney’s Office. They often don’t want to recall terrible memories. Children are often the “silent victims,” he said. When children do testify, they often have trouble recalling facts, or their understanding of time is limited. “That level of detail is often just not there,” he said. “It’s exceedingly frustrating.”

Child Maltreatment Victims Lose 2 Years Of Quality Of Life – ScienceDaily (May 29, 2008) — Child maltreatment is associated with reductions in quality of life even decades later, according to a new University of Georgia study that finds that–on average–victims lose at least two years of quality of life. UGA College of Public Health associate professor Phaedra Corso and her colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed surveys of more than 6,000 people to assess the deficits in quality of life that victims suffer. Their results appear in the June issue of the American Journal of Public Health. “We found, with rigorous statistical methods, that there are significant differences in health-related quality of life between people who were maltreated as children and those who were not,” Corso said, “and that holds across all age groups.” Childhood maltreatment–which includes physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect–has been linked to an increased risk for ailments ranging from heart disease, obesity and diabetes to depression and anxiety. Corso said there are two reasons why. First, childhood maltreatment increases the likelihood of unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, substance abuse and sexual promiscuity. And recent studies suggest that repeated exposure to the stress caused by maltreatment alters brain circuits and hormonal systems, which puts victims at greater risk of chronic health problems. The researchers found that 46 percent of respondents reported some form of maltreatment during childhood. Of those, 26 percent reported physical abuse; 21 percent reported sexual abuse; 10 percent reported emotional abuse; 14 percent reported emotional neglect; and nine percent reported physical neglect.

Company targets child abuse in Allegheny County By Regis Behe and Justin Vellucci TRIBUNE-REVIEW 6/26/08 – the statistics are daunting. The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry estimates there are 80,000 cases of child sexual abuse a year, with many thousands more going unreported. Kenneth Wooden, the founder and CEO of Child Lures Prevention, a self-sustained family business that aims to prevent child abuse, hopes to reach a wide audience in Allegheny County.

A Review of Marci Hamilton’s Justice Denied: What America Must Do To Protect Its Children by Thomas P. Doyle, J.C.D., C.A.D.C. 6/24/08 The latter half of the twentieth century witnessed a remarkable surge of concern for the rights and welfare of children. Parallel to this concern there has been unprecedented scholarly activity into the history of this subject. Though not as extensive as one would expect, the scholarship has revealed that children’s rights and the very comprehension of the emotional, psychological and moral development of the child has been severely limited. The innocence of children and young adolescents was not presumed, in fact there is evidence that the canonists, perhaps the most significant group of lawyers in the middle ages, presumed that children and minors were always prone to do wrong. Western society looks with pride on the many sources of proof that we are indeed enlightened about children and do, in fact, put into practice the often heard saying that “Children are our most important resource because they are our future.”….Justice Denied explores the most effective roadblock to justice for victims and a surprising enabler for perpetrators: the Statute of Limitations. Envisioned as a needed source of protection for the rights of the accused and an assurance against judgments based on little or no evidence, the Statute of Limitations has a distinctly opposite effect in the area of sexual abuse of children. In most States it ignores the complex effects rape and abuse on children and minors and the solid body of scientific evidence that tells us that the majority of victims never publicly disclose (70 percent) and those who do are often prevented, by their own fears, shame and guilt from coming forward for years if not decades….Now comes the book’s shocking revelation: one of the two most vociferous and determined adversaries to any legislative reform that would protect children and strike fear into the hearts of predators is the Roman Catholic Church. The other surprises no one – the insurance industry.

Inspired by real-life case, prosecutor writes book to help parents discuss sex abuse with kids By Colleen Long | AP 7/26/08 New York (AP) Prosecutor Jill Starishevsky was working on the case of a little girl who had been consistently raped by her stepfather when she got an idea of how she could help families prevent such horrific acts. The girl, from a middle-class home in the Bronx, was molested starting at age 6, and like most children she didn’t tell anyone. Then she saw an episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” that happened to be on children who were beaten. The message at the end of the show was simple: If you’re being abused, tell a parent or a teacher. The girl, who by then was 9 years old, told her teacher the next day….Child sex abuse is a bigger problem than most parents would like to think. At least 60 million people claim they were molested as children, but only one in 10 children ever reports the crime, according to national statistics compiled by the advocacy group Stop the Silence.

The New York Times – Editorial – Prostitution and Prevention 7/29/08 Child prostitution, a large and growing problem across the United States, is especially severe in tourist and convention cities.

5/5/08 – Academy Award Winner Jessica Lange, Emmy Award Winner Tammy Blanchard and Emmy and Golden Globe Award Nominee Jobeth Williams to Star in “Sybil,” a New Movie to Be Broadcast Saturday, June 7 on the CBS Television Network – SYBIL, a new television movie starring Academy Award winner Jessica Lange (“Tootsie”), Emmy Award nominee Tammy Blanchard (“Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows”) and Emmy and Golden Globe Award nominee JoBeth Williams (“The Big Chill”) to be broadcast Saturday, June 7 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. SYBIL is based on the best-selling book of the same name by Flora Rheta Schreiber. It is the true story of a young woman who suffers from dissociative identity disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder), a psychological condition where two or more distinct personalities exist within the same person as the result of severe trauma and abuse inflicted during childhood.


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