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Issue 78 – January 2008

The purpose of this newsletter is to help stop secretive organizations and groups from abusing others and to help those who allege they have been abused by such organizations and groups. This newsletter is not a substitute for other ways of recovering from ritual abuse. Readers should use caution while reading this newsletter. If necessary, make sure other support systems are available during and after reading this newsletter.

Important: The resources mentioned in this newsletter are for educational value only. Reading the books cited may or may not help your recovery process, so use caution when reading any book or contacting any resource mentioned in this newsletter. Some may have a religious or other agenda that may be separate from your own recovery process. Others may have valuable information on the Masons and other organizations, but have triggers or be somewhat sympathetic to those organizations. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the views expressed in this newsletter constitute expressions of opinion, and readers are cautioned to form their own opinions and draw their own conclusions by consulting a variety of sources, including this newsletter. Resources listed, quoted and individual articles, etc. and their writers do not necessarily support all or any of the views mentioned in this newsletter. Also, the views, facts and opinions mentioned in this newsletter are solely the opinions of the authors and are not necessarily the opinions of this newsletter or its editor.

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Resources and Information

Please note: Listing of these resources does not necessarily constitute our endorsement of them. They are for educational value only and some may be heavy for survivors to read. Some of the conferences listed may not necessarily be safe for all survivors. S.M.A.R.T. recommends always bringing a support person to all conferences. If you are a survivor of mind control and/or ritual abuse, S.M.A.R.T. recommends that you try to bring a support person that is familiar with mind control techniques. LMS: article from ACHES-MC (Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors – Mind Control) for unconsentually federally funded mind control as children or adults Canada contact Lynne Moss-Sharman, 230 Miles St. E. #3, Thunder Bay, Ont. P7C 1J6,

Legal Information

The Darkest Secret – By revealing the painful story of her sexual abuse as a child, actress Teri Hatcher hopes to help other victims. By Teri Hatcher – Newsweek Oct. 8, 2007 issue ….I tell you this story with trepidation. But my fear is far outweighed by what I know is my obligation to help other victims of sexual abuse to not feel alone. To inspire other victims to realize that their lives do not have to be paralyzed by guilt and shame; they do not have to be defined by victimhood. And to convey to each and every damaged girl or woman that it is not her fault. Unfortunately, many, many girls are victims of sexual abuse. So even as we fight evil abroad, the evil of this abuse lives on in our neighborhoods.

International Digest: Mexico cardinal knew about child abuse, group claims Posted on Oct 12, 2007 | by Mark Kelly Mexico City (BP)–Mexico’s leading Roman Catholic cardinal knew a Mexican priest might be molesting children when he transferred him to the United States, a victim’s rights group has alleged. To support their claim, the Survivor’s Network of Those Abused by Priests released letters written in 1987 between Mexico City Cardinal Norberto Rivera and Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony, as well as 1986 police report in which Nicolas Aguilar, a priest in Mexico’s Puebla state, was accused of molesting boys during overnight stays. The documents had been filed by attorneys defending Rivera against charges in Los Angeles that he and Mahoney conspired to protect Aguilar, according to the Associated Press.

New R.I. report raises questions on clergy abuse – Diocese says vague cases behind rise; AG concerned By Michael Paulson, Globe Staff  |  October 20, 2007 “Between 1971 and 2007, 125 priests in Rhode Island were accused of sexual assault or sexual misconduct, including 95 accused of child molestation or sexual assault of a minor, according to a court document filed by Bishop Thomas J. Tobin, head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence. That number is higher than the 56 priests that Tobin’s predecessor, Bishop Robert E. Mulvee, reported in 2004 as having been accused of sexual abuse of a minor between 1950 and 2002. The diocese said yesterday that the discrepancy is because the number reported three years ago included only credible allegations, while the number in the more recent court filing included an unspecified number of allegations that were “vague, anonymous, withdrawn, or ultimately found to be false.” The diocese also said the higher number, which it said was adjusted to 85 after a careful document review, also includes allegations made after 2002, when a large number of alleged victims came forward as the clergy sexual abuse crisis erupted nationally.”

3rd Circuit Rejects RICO Claim Against Archdiocese Shannon P. Duffy The Legal Intelligencer 11/7/07 Fourteen alleged victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests have lost their bid to revive a civil anti-racketeering suit against the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for its alleged cover-up of the scandal. In its 14-page opinion in Magnum v. Archdiocese of Philadelphia, a unanimous three-judge panel of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s dismissal of the suit on the grounds that the plaintiffs cannot show they suffered a RICO-style injury that was caused by the cover-up. The ruling affirms a November 2006 decision by U.S. District Judge Legrome D. Davis who found that the RICO claims suffered from numerous fatal flaws. Davis ruled that the plaintiffs lacked standing to sue because their alleged damages stemmed from personal injury claims, which are not cognizable under RICO. He also found the plaintiffs could not plead proximate cause and could not plead a RICO “enterprise” or “pattern of racketeering activity.” Now the 3rd Circuit has rejected the plaintiffs’ appeal, finding that the entire theory of the suit was flawed because it was premised solely on the plaintiffs’ alleged loss of the opportunity to bring personal injury claims within the statute of limitations.

Sexual misconduct plagues US schools: Study finds more than 2,500 teachers punished in 5 years By Martha Irvine and Robert Tanner The Associated Press “The seven-month investigation found 2,570 educators whose teaching credentials were revoked, denied, voluntarily surrendered or limited from 2001 through 2005 following allegations of sexual misconduct. Young people were the victims in at least 1,801 of the cases, and more than 80 percent of those were students. More than half the educators who were punished by their states also were convicted of crimes related to the misconduct.”

Snatched by Fagin 10/19/07 The United Nations estimates 1.2m children are trafficked across the world each year.

Dutch smash ‘voodoo’ child trade – 10/25/07 – Police in the Netherlands say they have cracked a crime ring which allegedly trafficked Nigerian children into the West to work as sex slaves. At least 19 people were arrested in the Netherlands and five other countries including the US and Britain. Traffickers used voodoo to gain a hold over children before smuggling them abroad in a racket which exploited the asylum system, police say. Scores of underage Nigerians, mainly girls, may have been trafficked. Dutch authorities had been investigating the disappearance of 140 Nigerian children from asylum-seeker holding centres since January 2006. Several of the children were later found working as prostitutes in France, Italy and Spain, according to Dutch police. and

Clergy Abuse: Rabbis, Cantors & Other Trusted Officials

No Religious Haven From Abuse – New study finds Orthodox women are sexually victimized as much as other American women are. by Debra Nussbaum Cohen Staff Writer 10/27/07 “Despite the widespread impression in the Orthodox world that sexual abuse doesn’t happen within its precincts, or happens less than in the “outside world,” a report in the November issue of the journal of the American Psychiatric Association says that Orthodox Jewish women suffer as much of it as other American women do. Twenty-six percent of respondents in a study about the sexual lives and attitudes of married Orthodox Jewish women — 55 percent identifying as Modern Orthodox and about 45 percent as fervently Orthodox — indicated that they had at some point suffered sexual abuse. That figure is on par with the 25 percent to 27 percent of American women in general, without regard to their marital status or religion, who have reported in numerous studies that they had been sexually abused. The new article also says that fervently Orthodox women are more likely than Modern Orthodox women to have experienced sexual abuse, to have experienced it multiple times and to have experienced it the first time before age 13. Fifty-eight percent of fervently Orthodox women who participated in the study reported experiencing sexual abuse multiple times, according to the article, compared to 39 percent of Modern Orthodox women. Overall, 16 percent of respondents said they experienced their first sexual abuse at or before they were 13 years old, which is less than the approximately 22 percent of American women who have reported in other studies that they were sexually abused at that age.

20 suspected pedophiles arrested in France Paris, Oct. 31, 2007 (Xinhua) – A total of 20 people have been arrested in France as suspected pedophiles after the European Union (EU) launched a massive crackdown on the criminal group Monday, French police said Wednesday. Among the arrestees, three allegedly molested children during trips abroad, and another three were believed to have filmed children porno scenes abroad. Police also seized about 1.5 million illegal images from one suspect’s computer. The European-wide raid, codenamed “Koala”, followed traces discovered in an operation on suspected child molesters in Australia in 2006, during which police found some 3,000 suspicious e-mail addresses. The operation was supervised by Europe’s police agency Europol and Eurojust, the EU agency in charge of coordinating judicial affairs.

100 arrests hit world paedophile ring – David Batty and agencies 11/5/07 Guardian Unlimited “More than 100 people in 19 countries have been arrested in an operation to dismantle a major international paedophile network, police said today.The arrests follow an investigation into an Italian-based website that produced “tailor-made” child abuse images for 2,500 customers, according to the European police agency Europol. In the past five months 46 people in the UK have been arrested in the operation, codenamed Koala, according to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop). There have also been 21 arrests in France, 11 in Spain and eight in Sweden.,,2205718,00.html

Jesuits to pay $50M in sex abuse case, plaintiffs’ lawyer says 11/18/07 Anchorage, Alaska (AP) – A Roman Catholic religious order has agreed to pay $50 million to more than 100 Alaskans who allege sexual abuse by Jesuit priests, a lawyer for the accusers said Sunday. The settlement with the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus is the largest one yet against a Catholic religious order, said Anchorage lawyer Ken Roosa, who called it “a great day” for the 110 victims….The sexual abuse allegations involved 13 or 14 clerics and spanned nearly 30 years, from 1961 to 1987, Roosa said. The children’s ages ranged from 5 years to teenage.

from LMS The Cornwall Public Inquiry – Transcripts 709 Cotton Mill Street, Cornwall, Ontario K6H 7K7 Phone: 613-938-2461 Fax.: 613-938-7463 Email:

Cornwall Public Inquiry into allegations of sexual abuse

Iowa diocese in bankruptcy reaches $37M settlement with Catholic abuse victims by Henry C. Jackson 12/3/07 Des Moines, Iowa – The Roman Catholic Diocese of Davenport agreed to pay out $37 million (euro25.23 million) to more than 150 accusers under a settlement that requires the bishop to personally apologize to any victims or relatives who ask. The deal, hammered out over four days of negotiations in Chicago, will address the claims of 156 victims of abuse who have come forward, with a portion of the money set aside in the event that more victims come forward….Also on Monday, the Los Angeles Archdiocese wired $500 million (euro340.92 million) to plaintiffs as part of the $660 million (euro450.02 million) it has agreed to settle cases with more than 500 alleged victims of clergy abuse, and a former Catholic priest pleaded guilty in Los Angeles to sexually abusing two boys. Michael Stephen Baker, 60, was sentenced to 10 years in prison as part of a plea deal. Authorities say Baker molested the boys on multiple occasions between 1994 and 1998, when he was a priest in the Los Angeles area. He was removed from the ministry in 2000.

from LMS ‘Hell on earth for me’ In his autobiography, Julian Fantino, Ontario’s top cop and a former London police chief, fiercely defends Project Guardian, which he insists was about ‘the sexual exploitation of children,’ not merely child pornography. ‘It was also about child sexual abuse and that’s a big difference,’ he writes in this excerpt from Duty: The Life of a Cop. By Patrick Maloney (11/10/07)….The London police became the lead agency and the investigation was renamed Project Guardian. It began in May 1994. In a nutshell, Project Guardian was a joint investigative task force designed to, first, identify and disrupt the illegal activities of anyone who was involved in the sexual exploitation of children and youths, and second, to rescue those children and youths. The children involved in this investigation were as young as seven and eight, and they were being exploited by adult males in return for money, alcohol, drugs, clothing, lodging and shelter. As for the offenders, they were everything from Boy Scout leaders to soccer coaches. These offenders included a teacher, a school principal, an Anglican priest and a real estate agent. Project Guardian eventually involved 62 complainants and 61 suspects. If that’s not a “ring,” I don’t know what is. The ages of the complainants ranged from seven to 17 years with 50 per cent of them being 13 years of age or younger, while the average age of the suspects was 40. When it was all done, 535 criminal charges were laid against 61 suspects. The conviction rate for Project Guardian was 86 per cent. This is an astounding figure, which is almost unheard of in the criminal justice system. Compare that to Canada’s national conviction rate of just under 21 per cent. The average sentence handed down was four years.

Mind Control and Experimentation

Ritual Abuse and Mind Control : Research and Advocacy – presentation at the Male Survivor Conference – John Jay College, New York, NY – 10/27/07 – Includes data on recovered memory, dissociative identity disorder(multiple personality disorder), child pornography, mk-ultra, operation paperclip and dissociation symptomology


describes crimes – Multiple Personality Disorder and Satanic Ritual Abuse: the Issue Of Credibility Susan C. Van Benschoten, R.N., M.Ed., M.A. “Day care ritual abuse accounts usually implicate multiple non-familial perpetrators and multiple victims. Female perpetrators are nearly always reported. Characteristically, very young children and children of both sexes are said to be involved. Extreme forms of coercion and intimidation are typically reported, including threats of death and demonstrations that perpetrators possess magical powers. Extended, severe, and bizarre types of sexual abuse are frequently described, including penetration with objects, and forced sex between children and between children and adults. Physical and emotional abuse are reported as well, for example threats with weapons and the use of various forms of bondage. Children ‘ s disclosures often cite pornography and drug use as components of the abuse. Many reports allege cruelly to animals, or the mutilation and sacrifice of animals or human beings. Practices linked to satanism are often reported. Children frequently describe chanting or singing, the presence of symbols, costumes, masks, candles, and the ceremonial use of blood, urine, and feces. Finkelhor- et al. (1988) found the ritualistic cases in their national study of substantiated day care sexual abuse to he the ones “whose allegations seemed to most strain public and professional credulity. . (and) in which the children appeared to have suffered the most serious and lasting kind of damage ” (p. 32). This impression is supported by the work of Kelley (in press).”

Sociological Views on the Controversial Issue of Satanic Ritual Abuse: Three Faces of the Devil – Mary deYoung, Ph.D. “It is estimated that 185 people were criminally charged in cases alleging satanic ritual abuse between 1983 and 1995 in this country; 113 of them were convicted, and over fifty of those people remain in prison today (Nathan & Snedeker, 1995). Similar cases were discovered in Canada, England, Scotland, Holland, and New Zealand, generating as much controversy as those in this country….empirical study by Goodman, Qin, Bottoms and Shaver (1994), funded by the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect. The researchers surveyed 6,910 clinical psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists, and 4,655 agencies, including departments of social services, county district attorneys offices, and municipal law enforcement agencies. Respondents reported 12,264 cases of suspected or alleged satanic ritual abuse involving children and adults.”

Profile of Ritualistic and Religion-Related Abuse Allegations Reported to Clinical Psychologists in the United States – Bette L. Bottoms, Phillip R. Shaver, and Gail S. Goodman – State University of New York at Buffalo – Presented at the Ninety-Ninth annual convention of the American Psychiatric Association, San Francisco, CA August 19, 1991

An Empirical Look at the Ritual Abuse Controversy – Randy Noblitt, PhD Adapted in 2007 from a paper presented at the 40th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Fort Worth, Texas, March 18, 1998. “Some authors argue that there is no substantial legal evidence that the ritual abuse of children actually occurs, and that most cases of ritual abuse convictions are reversed on appeal. Michael Newton (cited in Noblitt, 1998a) accumulated data on criminal convictions in the U.S. where allegations of ritual abuse of children were made. He found cases of 145 defendants who were sentenced. Seventeen (11.7%) were reversed on appeal. Newton argues that these reversals do not necessarily indicate that the defendants were innocent of the accusations. In some instances the decisions were reversed based on legal technicalities rather than factual matters as to whether the abuse occurred or not.”

Ritual Abuse Statistics & Research – Numbers of Survivors – A single survivor advocate reports direct contact with more than 3,000 survivors. [ StarDancer as quoted by David McCulley, Satanic Ritual Abuse: A Question of Memory, 1993] CORRECTION: During Personal conversation with StarDancer for update and verification, she stated, “I would feel comfortable saying I’ve met or spoken with more than 1,000 people who identify themselves as survivors…Our estimate of the people who have read and used Survivorship is 3,000.” I talked to one of the leaders in the Los Angeles County Task Force on Ritual Abuse, who estimate that there have been more than a hundred California preschools implicated in ritual abuse. [James Friesen, Uncovering the Mystery of MPD, 1991] ….At a 1991 Utah workshop, thirty-two mental health therapists reported treating 360 separate survivors of ritual abuse. By early 1992 the following statement had been signed by sixty-six Utah therapists: “We, the undersigned mental health professional, have each heard memories of ritual abuse recounted by some patients, as have therapists across the nation. We believe these patients” allegations to have basis in fact. We are dismayed by accusations that therapists brainwash their patients or collude to create a mental health problem where none existed. We urge our public officials to take appropriate actions to counter ritual crimes.” The names on the signed petition, affirming the above statement, are given in the 1992 report of the Utah Governor”s Task Force on Ritual Abuse. [A. Horton, B. Harrison & B. Johnson, editors, Confronting Abuse, 1993]

Satanic Ritual Abuse: The Evidence Surfaces By Daniel Ryder, CCDC, LSW

may be very heavy for survivors – lecture by D.C.Hammond, originally entitled “Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse,” but now usually known as the “Greenbaum Speech,” delivered at the Fourth Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality, Thursday June 25, 1992, at the Radisson Plaza Hotel, Mark Center, Alexandria, Virginia. Sponsored by the Center for Abuse Recovery & Empowerment, The Psychiatric Institute of Washington, D.C. Both a tape and a transcript were at one time available from Audio Transcripts of Alexandria, Virginia (800-338-2111). Please note: SMART urges caution anytime survivors visit websites on the web.

Carol Rutz’s Lecture at Indiana University in November 2003 on the CIA, experimentation and mind control has graphic pictures and descriptions

Report of Utah State Task Force on Ritual Abuse May 1992 poll indicates that as of 1992, 90% of the Utah citizenry do believe that “ritualistic child sexual abuse is occurring”…(Poll conducted by Dan Jones & Associates, reported in Deseret News, January 1, 1992, pp. A1 – A2.) Website may be heavy for survivors

US polygamy sect leader sentenced – 11/20/07 A US polygamist sect leader has been sentenced to 10 years to life in jail as an accomplice to rape for forcing a 14-year-old girl to marry her cousin. A Utah court said the state board of pardons would ultimately determine how much time Warren Jeffs would serve. The 51-year-old was jailed for at least five years on two counts, with the sentences to be served consecutively. The self-proclaimed prophet was found guilty in September of encouraging the girl to have sex against her will….Jeffs was the head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS). The sect split from the Mormon Church after it renounced polygamy. He went into hiding after being charged in Arizona with being an accomplice to incest and sexual misconduct for allegedly arranging marriages between minors and older men…. An estimated 40,000 people in the US still believe in polygamy. The 10,000-strong sect dominates the towns of Colorado City, in Arizona, and Hildale, Utah, less than a mile away. A compound in Eldorado, Texas, is also home to a growing community.

State of Utah vs. Warren Steed Jeffs – Court Filings

describe violent crimesCourt Reinstates Lawsuit Involving Priests’ Satanic Rituals 10/27/07 Lucas County, Ohio — In a decision which will have far reaching effects in clergy abuse cases and eerily issued just days before Halloween, the Sixth District Court of Appeals in Ohio has reinstated a 2005 lawsuit involving alleged satanic rituals against a Toledo priest who was convicted last year in the 1980 murder of a nun. Roman Catholic Gerald Robinson, now 69, was convicted in May, 2006, of the murder of a 71-year-old nun and was sentenced to 15 years to life. His request to remain free pending appeal was denied. Now his attorneys have filed a new motion, asking the appellate court for the convicted murderer to be released on a $250,000 property bond with electronic monitoring while his appeal is pending, saying that the appeal has languished for 19 months. A Toledo woman had brought the civil litigation against Robinson anonymously, suing as Survivor Doe with her husband, Spouse Doe, claiming that Robinson was part of a group that had repeatedly raped her and tortured her in satanic rituals when she was a child.  The woman is now in her 40’s.  In addition to Robinson, defendants are Gerald Mazuchowski, a former lay minister; the Toledo Catholic Diocese; St. Adalbert Parish where she alleges the abuse occurred and the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales. She alleges that Robinson, Mazuchowski and other men dressed in nuns’ habits, used women’s names and engaged in bizarre rituals, victimizing her. A lower court had dismissed her claim, saying it was barred under the statute of limitations. The Appellate Court has reversed that decision and reinstated the woman’s claim, saying that her claim isn’t time barred because she couldn’t identify her alleged abusers due to repressed memory “until she saw their faces/names from the television and newspaper reports about them” in 2004 and 2005 at the time Robinson was arrested and charged with the nun’s murder.…In December 2003, a woman reported to police that she had been sexually abused by a group of priests who performed Satanic rituals and held sadomasochistic orgies. Following the woman’s allegations in 2003, a cold-case squad began reviewing the nun’s murder case again. Three other women also came forward and claimed they had been sexually abused in cult-like ceremonies involving altars and men dressed in robes between the late 1960s and 1986. There have been allegations that church officials have tried to cover-up a crime. One of the women who came forward reached a monetary settlement with the church. The civil case reinstated against Robinson is being brought by the woman who originally made the allegations against him. In a letter to the Toledo diocese in 2003, the alleged victim detailed her allegations, describing being subjected to Satanic ceremonies in which priests placed her in a coffin filled with cockroaches, forced her to eat what she thought was a human eyeball and penetrated her with a snake “to consecrate these orifices to Satan”.She also reportedly alleged in the letter to the diocese that the group of priests killed an infant and a 3-year-old child, performed an abortion on her and chopped up dogs during the rituals. The lawsuit alleges that Survivor Doe had been the victim of “clerical ritual and sexual abuse” as a child beginning when she was a student at St. Adalbert School by persons she later discovered to be Robinson and Mazuchowski and that the Diocese and others involved aided and abetted or covered up the actions of these priests and protected the priests while dissuading all such victims and their families from seeking action against them. Survivor Doe specifically alleges that the crimes began to occur while she was attending St. Adalbert from 1968 through 1972. She alleges she was kidnapped against her will and “held either against her will or by beguilement in the basement of St. Adalbert’s.” While being held there, she was used in elaborate, ritualistic ceremonies. The people perpetrating the crimes were dressed in nun habits and referred to themselves with the first name of a woman and then their own name. Robinson allegedly called himself “Mary Jerry” and Mazuchowski called himself “Carrie Jerry.” She has recalled suppressed memories of another yet unknown man who was referred to as Sue. After the woman left St. Adalbert school, she alleges the abuse continued in a wooded area. Her mother, who also allegedly participated in the ceremonies, took her to them. The plaintiff says she was intimidated from disclosing the events of all of the satanic ceremonies at the time they occurred because the perpetrators threatened to kill her if she told, caused her to believe that she was Satan’s child, and demoralized her. She also alleges that her early indoctrination in the Roman Catholic Church prevented her from realizing that these were crimes that had been committed against her. She further relied upon the indoctrination of the Roman Catholic Church and the representations of these appellants that these priests were “in good standing” and that defendants would protect children in the parish from any criminal misconduct. She alleged that she never could have thought that a priest could commit such crimes. Even after she realized that these acts were wrongful, she assumed that she was at fault. She further alleged that “even after [she] became aware of the criminal nature of [the] conduct, that knowledge alone was not sufficient to apprise her or put her on notice of [appellees] Diocese, Oblates, and St. Adalbert’s possible negligence in failing to protect her or of their possible involvement in a conspiracy to conceal that criminal conduct from herself and others.” Survivor Doe alleges that she first recognized Robinson as “Mary Jerry” after seeing news coverage of his arrest or investigation reported on April 23, 2004. She says she recognized Mazukowski as “Carrie Jerry” after learning of his involvement in the satanic rituals through an investigative news story appearing in The Toledo Blade on Feb. 20, 2005.

Lawsuit against Robinson reinstated; local woman accuses priest of rape, torture By David Yonke – Blade Religion Editor 10/27/2007 An Ohio appellate court yesterday reinstated a 2005 lawsuit filed by a Toledo woman alleging that Gerald Robinson, the Toledo priest convicted last year in the 1980 murder of a nun, was part of a group that repeatedly tortured and raped her in satanic rituals when she was a child. The 6th District Court of Appeals said the statute of limitations does not bar the woman’s claims because she did could not identify her alleged abusers “until she saw their faces/names from the television and newspaper reports about them” in 2004 and 2005.

describes crimes – 13abc is learning disturbing details of a letter, which set the Father Robinson case into motion – Father Robinson trial WTVG–October 29, 2007 – While Father Robinson’s attorney works on his appeal, for the first time we are learning disturbing details of a letter, which set the cold case into motion. Last year, a jury found Gerald Robinson guilty of murdering Sister Margaret Ann Pahl in 1980. It was a letter to the Toledo Diocesan review board from June 2003 that sparked investigators to re-open the case. It is a letter filled with bizarre accounts of ritualistic sexual abuse at the hands of members of the Catholic Church, including priests. Mark Davis is an attorney representing another unknown client who alleges similar abuse by other priests and is suing the Toledo Catholic Diocese. Mark Davis says, “The group purposely makes it so bizarre that a child is not believable and they can escape and get away with these activities.” In one case, a woman says when she was five she was taken to the Calvary Cemetery and put into a coffin-like pine box with cockroaches. Another time, she describes being taken to an abandoned house on Raab Road to take part in satanic activities. The letter also claims much of the sexual abuse took part at St. Pius and the rituals were horrifying and sadistic.

COURT OF COMMON PLEAS LUCAS COUNTY, OHIO Survivor Doe ) Case No. a protected identity ) c/o Mark A. Davis ) [Honorable ] The Davis Law Office, LLC ) 500 Madison Avenue, Ste 525 ) Toledo, Ohio 43604 ) COMPLAINT; JURY DEMAND; ) MILITARY AFFIDAVIT; AND and ) PRAECIPE ) Spouse Doe ) a protected identity ) c/o Mark A. Davis ) The Davis Law Office, LLC ) 500 Madison Avenue, Ste 525 ) Toledo, Ohio 43604 ) ) Plaintiffs )) v. )) Gerald Robinson ) 2401 Nebraska ) Toledo, Ohio 43607 ) and ) ) Mark A. Davis (0070983) ) The Davis Law Office, LLC Gerald “Jerry” Mazuchowski ) 500 Madison Avenue, Ste 525 2812 Chestnut ) Toledo, Ohio 43604 Toledo, Ohio 43608-2462 ) Telephone: (419) 297-5088 ) Facsimile: (419) 710-0008 and ) Email: ) Attorney for Plaintiffs 2 Diocese of Toledo ) 1933 Spielbusch Avenue ) Toledo, Ohio 43620-1616 )) and ) ) St. Adalbert Parish and School ) 3248 Warsaw St. ) Toledo, OH 43608 ) ) and ) ) Oblates of St Francis ) De Sales Inc ) c/o statutory agent James Cryan ) 2056 Parkwood Avenue ) Toledo , Oh 43620-1616 ) ) and ) ) John and Jane Does 1-15 ) ) and ) ) Catholic Entity Does 1-5 ) Now comes Plaintiff, by and through counsel, and for their complaint, states and avers as follows: Parties, Jurisdiction and Venue 1. At all times material, Plaintiffs Survivor Doe and Spouse Doe are husband and wife living and residing in Lucas County, Ohio. Survivor Doe is the victim of clerical ritual and sexual abuse which occurred during her years as a minor….

from LMS describes crimes Bernard convicted in Hosanna abuse case – Austin ‘Trey’ Bernard III was convicted Monday on three counts of aggravated rape involving children. By Debra Lemoine Advocate Florida Parishes Bureau Published: Dec 4, 2007 – Page: 1a Amite — A Tangipahoa Parish jury on Monday evening convicted Austin “Trey” Bernard III of three counts of aggravated rape for his role in the Hosanna Church sex abuse case. The jurors voted unanimously to convict Bernard in the rape of his 2-year-old daughter. All but one found him guilty in the rape of a 12-year-old boy, 21st Judicial District Attorney Scott Perrilloux said….Bernard, 39, of Hammond, is the first of the seven members of the now-defunct Ponchatoula church to go to trial after being indicted in 2005 in the rapes of children. No trial date has been set for the remaining six suspects. Perrilloux said he anticipates bringing Louis Lamonica to trial in early 2008….In his closing arguments earlier Monday, prosecutor Don Wall described Trey Bernard as a situational abuser, a man who has the desire to molest children and will do so if given the opportunity. Bernard had a sexual relationship with Lamonica, the 49-year-old Hosanna pastor, Wall said. Through that relationship, the men raped each other’s children, he said. The rapes stopped in 2003, after Lamonica’s and Bernard’s wives threw them out of their houses and the men moved into the church, Wall told jurors. It wasn’t until the Bernards attempted to reconcile in late 2004 that their daughter began to speak of the abuse, Wall said. In the meantime, Trey Bernard and others began writing how they abused the children in spiral notebooks. Two of Bernard’s victims also began writing about the abuse at the request of their mother….Throughout the five days of testimony, Wall showed the jury Bernard’s writings, the two victims’ writings, videotaped statements from three children and statements from investigators outlining the three times Bernard confessed the abuse to authorities. Two young men, one of whom Bernard was charged with raping, testified that Bernard never touched them. However, Wall got them to admit on the stand that their recantations began after both their parents were arrested. The boys also admitted that they had to say that Bernard never touched them in order to be consistent when they testify at their parents’ trials. In his closing argument, Wall read excerpts of a 211-page journal Bernard kept in which he outlined how he went from touching his daughter in the bathtub to raping her….When Bernard testified Monday, he maintained that his ex-wife concocted the rape stories in order to get sole custody of their daughter. After voluntarily leaving the house, Bernard testified, he moved into the church, but never had sex with Lamonica. However, over time, women at the church, including his wife, forced him to write that he raped his own daughter and Lamonica’s two sons, Bernard testified.

from LMS describes crimes – Member of Defunct Church Guilty of Rapes By Mary Foster 12/4/07 New Orleans (AP) – The first of seven members of a now-defunct church accused of raping children as part of a devil-worshipping ritual was found guilty of molesting his 2-year-old daughter and a boy. A state district court jury in Amite on Monday convicted Austin “Trey” Bernard III in the rape of his daughter as well as the rape of a 12-year-old boy, prosecutor Scott Perrilloux said. Bernard, 39, denied the charges, but three earlier confessions and a journal that seemed to detail the practices of the group were too much to overcome, said Al Bensabat, the public defender who represented him….No trial date has been set for the remaining six defendants. Perrilloux said he anticipates bringing the former minister of Hosanna Church, Louis Lamonica, to trial in early 2008. Lamonica has pleaded not guilty. The allegations have rocked the small town of Ponchatoula, about 40 miles northwest of New Orleans. The activities at the church became known when Lamonica walked into the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Department and asked to speak with a detective in 2005, Chief of Detectives Stan Carpenter said. For almost two hours, Lamonica, 49, told investigators how he and other church members had molested children, and taught them to have sex with each other, as well as with a dog, authorities said. Lamonica told the detectives that he drank cat blood and poured it on the bodies of his young victims.

from LMS Court hears about Sirois’ mental state – Local – Court hears about Sirois’ mental state Dianne Wood – Record Staff – Kitchener The Kitchener man who admitted killing an elderly woman and her longtime boarder in 2004 practised Satanic rituals and saw demons, a hearing into his mental state at the time of the crime heard yesterday. Michael Sirois, 29, pleaded guilty last April to two counts of second-degree murder in the vicious stabbings of Verna Bast, 87, and Randy Penner, 47. The pair was killed on Feb. 20, 2004 in the Glasgow Street home that Bast, a devout Christian, had shared with Penner and another boarder, John Routley, for many years. Although Sirois has admitted to the murder, he hasn’t yet been convicted. A hearing has begun in Superior Court to determine whether he should be held criminally responsible.There will be testimony about a satanic bible found among Sirois’ possessions, satanic writings found in his room and satanic rituals and ceremonies he performed, Gehl said. “You will hear a lot about Mr. Sirois’ adherence to satanic beliefs,” Gehl said.

Beyond the Dutroux Affair – The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks

In their 1993 study to evaluate ritual abuse claims Bottoms, Shaver and Goodman found that in 2,292 alleged ritual abuse cases, 30% of the perpetrators in child cases and 15% of the perpetrators in adult cases confessed to the abuse. Brown, Scheflin and Hammond (1998) Memory, Trauma Treatment, And the Law – W. W. Norton – ISBN 0-393-70254-5

describes rituals – Reproductive Harms Survey

may be heavy for survivors – Mayor Resigns, Claims Abduction By Satan Worshippers 11/21/07 Centerton, Ark. – The mayor of an Arkansas town resigned on Wednesday, claiming he was abducted and brainwashed by Satan worshippers nearly three decades ago. Centerton Mayor Ken Williams said he has been living under an assumed name for nearly 30 years. He had been mayor since 2001. Williams told authorities he was born Don LaRose and that in the mid-1970s, he was a preacher in Indiana. He said he was abducted and brainwashed into forgetting all about his life as Don LaRose.

from LMS – article has graphic descriptions of research – Annette John-Hall | Human research: Anger, no apologies By Annette John-Hall Inquirer Columnist 10/26/07 Anthony tells his story of horrific medical subjugation in Temple professor Allen M. Hornblum’s new book, Sentenced to Science….And most haunting, his life as a lab rat while at Holmesburg, from 1964 to 1966. The period when Penn, like other institutions elsewhere, experimented on prisoners….Like Anthony, many of the inmates at Holmesburg were functional illiterates. He thought he was getting an easy test. After all, he knew guys who agreed to be injected with cancer cells, radiation, and mind-altering drugs. All he had to do was provide skin.

THE WORLD WILL KNOW!! Wanda Karriker’s Amazon Review of “Switching Time.” With the publication of this book, the WORLD WILL KNOW more about the aftereffects of extreme abuse and the resiliency of the human spirit. Dr. Baer stands brave and tall and articulate in a field of controversy surrounding the reality of satanic ritual abuse, the credibility of repressed memories, and claims that therapists plant false memories of abuse in their patients. Although some of his peers may disagree with his observation that Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) is rare, or criticize his way of directing therapy, in the end it is his patient, Karen, (a survivor of extreme abuse including child pornography, child prostitution, and satanic ritual abuse suffered at the hands of her father and his buddies), who should judge the effectiveness of her therapy and she does when she writes: “‘Switching Time’ is an accurate description of what I suffered and experienced”(p.342). In the throws of an apparently organized effort by accused perpetrators and their supporters in academia and the media to destroy therapists who work with the Karens of the world, (which in turn demeans survivors and their truths) Dr. Baer presents exactly what the book’s subtitle promises. Perhaps the publication of this book will trigger “Switching Time” in responsible journalists and motivate them to write stories and conduct interviews with persons who will expose the truth about what has come to be called “false memory syndrome.” Wanda Karriker, Ph.D. Author: Morning, Come Quickly. A novel about horror, hard-struggling, hope, and healing for survivors of extreme abuse. ASIN:0615136699 Morning, Come Quickly

Wanda Karriker, Ph.D. will be presenting results of the “Healing Methods” section of the “International Survey for Adult Survivors of Extreme Abuse (EAS)” at the 24th International Fall Conference of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation in Philadelphia on November 12, 2007. She will report/display/compare how approximately 900 survivors of ritual abuse, mind control, and/or other forms of extreme abuse from 30+ countries rated the effectiveness of 53 healing methods. This paper as well as other papers generated by the EAS will soon be available at

Karriker, Wanda. (2007, November). Helpful healing methods: As rated by approximately 900 respondents to the “International Survey for Adult Survivors of Extreme Abuse (EAS).” Paper presented at the meeting of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, Philadelphia, PA. For this paper, responses from 6 groups were analyzed: 1) those who selected “ritual abuse (RA)” as their primary category of abuse (N= 191); 2) those who selected “mind control (MC) ” (N = 69); 3) those who selected “ritual abuse and mind control” (N= 513); 4) those who selected “other extreme abuse” (N =214); 5) those with DID (N=655); 6) therapists/counselors/clergy who have RA/MC in their own backgrounds who work with RA/MC survivors (N= 95).  Out of 53 healing methods, the five top-ranked methods by the total sample were 1) Individual Psychotherapy/Counseling; 2) Supportive Friends; 3) Creative Writing; 4) Personal Prayer/Meditation; 5) Journaling. The lowest ranked healing method for all groups under study was Electroshock Therapy. Complete paper and preliminary results of this section of the EAS is posted at website may be heavy for survivors,%202007.pdf

Strength To An offer of inspiration and recovery to survivors of ritual abuse – My goal for this website is to give ritual abuse survivors hope, inspiration and courage to walk “the many dark nights of the soul” on their journey towards healing and wholeness. It is also to provide informative articles and links which will lessen the feelings of isolation as one heals from ritual abuse.

Journal Articles

Many of the journal abstract excerpts and quotes in this section of the newsletter came from the listed as BO For info. write

Science 13 July 2007: Vol. 317. no. 5835, pp. 215 – 219 DOI: 10.1126/science.1139560 Research Articles – Prefrontal Regions Orchestrate Suppression of Emotional Memories via a Two-Phase Process – Brendan E. Depue, Tim Curran, Marie T. Banich – Whether memories can be suppressed has been a controversial issue in psychology and cognitive neuroscience for decades. We found evidence that emotional memories are suppressed via two time-differentiated neural mechanisms: (i) an initial suppression by the right inferior frontal gyrus over regions supporting sensory components of the memory representation (visual cortex, thalamus), followed by (ii) right medial frontal gyrus control over regions supporting multimodal and emotional components of the memory representation (hippocampus, amygdala), both of which are influenced by fronto-polar regions. These results indicate that memory suppression does occur and, at least in nonpsychiatric populations, is under the control of prefrontal regions…..E-mail: depue{at}

Trauma Induced-Dissociation – Anne P DePrince and Jennifer J. Freyd in “Handbook of PTSD – Science and Practice” edited by Friedman, Keane and Resick

Adaptive dissociation: Information processing and response to betrayal by M. Rose Barlow and Jennifer J. Freyd – University of Oregon “This Critical Issues column is adapted from a chapter to appear in Dissociation and the Dissociative Disorders: DSM-V and Beyond, to be published by Routledge. It appears here with the kind permission of the book’s editors, Paul F.Dell and J. A. McNeil. This column proposes a view of dissociation as a set of characteristics, including information-processing tendencies, that can be organized into two branches of symptoms. A dissociative information processing style is developed as an adaptation to trauma, and is a way to remain unaware of information that threatens a necessary attachment relationship. ISSTD NEWS 8201 Greensboro Drive, 3rd Floor McLean, VA 22102 Phone: (703)610-9000 Vol. 25 No3 may 2007 5 E-mail:

It’s Enough To Make A Pedophile Smile – By Karen Brandel 9/7/95 – 9/13/95 ….THE IDEA FOR the backlash may have germinated in the summer of 1993, when the National Trial Lawyers Association met at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas. A hot topic was “Defending Sex Offenders in the ’90s.” Some defense lawyers proposed the most effective strategy would be to file ethical complaints against the prosecution experts. Tie up their time, their money, and threaten them with the loss of their license to practice. Camille Bibles, chief deputy county attorney for Coconino County, attended the Las Vegas convention. “There was definitely a faction that believes child molestation is not wrong. One speaker went so far as to say you must remember that pedophiles love children, even if in a strange way. There were also psychologists who have that leaning. The well-known Dr. Ralph Underwager, who reportedly receives $15,000 daily when testifying for the defense, and Dr. Hollida Wakefield, spoke like advocates for pedophiles. They do work for a frightening group called VOCAL, or Victims of Child Abuse Legislation.” The VOCAL Opposition By Karen Brandel George Wimberly, Who founded VOCAL, or Victims of Child Abuse Legislation, 11 years ago, just moved to Tucson and brought with him the VOCAL headquarters. The organization, with roughly 57,000 members nationwide, has a nine-member board of directors, and Wimberly admits that even some directors have had hidden agendas. He had to ask one board member to step down when rumors about him were confirmed–the man had plea-bargained to a misdemeanor after he locked his child in a dog cage. Now Wimberly does background checks. “Our members have to be clean,” he says. He knows his work is controversial–he specializes in doing research for attorneys with clients accused of child-related sex offenses. VOCAL, a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation, provides free referrals to expert witnesses, attorneys, investigators and mental health professionals.

Monitor on Psychology – Volume 38, No. 3 March 2007 – A new diagnosis for childhood trauma? Some push for a new DSM category for children who undergo multiple, complex traumas. By Tori DeAngelis Print version: page 32 No one knows how many children are affected, but one gauge is the number of children reported annually to child protection services for abuse and neglect–3 million. About 1 million of those cases are substantiated, according to a 2003 report by the Administration on Children, Youth and Families. Yet no one diagnosis adequately captures the plight of these youngsters, and that’s why a new diagnosis is needed for them, asserts a working group of child psychiatrists and psychologists developing such a diagnosis for possible inclusion in the 2011 iteration of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the DSM-5, published by the American Psychiatric Association. As it stands now, these children are often misdiagnosed and incorrectly treated, working group members argue. The team is an interest group of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, a consortium of 70 child mental health centers founded and funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration that brings together clinicians who work with children who have complex trauma histories. To fill the gap, the group is proposing a diagnosis called “developmental trauma disorder” or DTD, to capture what members see as central realities of life for these children: exposure to multiple, chronic traumas, usually of an interpersonal nature; a unique set of symptoms that differs from those of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and a variety of other labels often applied to such children….

What is “Parental Alienation Syndrome” and Why Is It So Often Used Against Mothers? by John E. B. Myers, Professor of Law – University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law Sacramento, California. – The following is an excerpt from a forthcoming book titled A Mother’s Nightmare: A Practical Legal Guide For Parents And Professionals. Psychological and medical syndromes play an important role in understanding behavior and providing treatment to victims of abuse.  Unfortunately, there is one so-called syndrome that, in my opinion, does tremendous harm to many children and their parents, particularly mothers seeking custody in family court. I speak of psychiatrist Richard Gardner’s Parental Alienation Syndrome (1987.)

What is Parental Alienation Syndrome –

The Evidentiary Admissibility of Parental Alienation Syndrome: Science, Law, and Policy – Jennifer Hoult, J.D.

Net sex abuse watchdog visit 11/9/07 By Emily Moulton Around one in 20 adults in the UK stumble across images of children being sexually abused while surfing the net. And nearly one in three children depicted in those images appear to be under the age of six, with one in 20 under two. These shock figures are just some of the stark statistics set to be revealed in Belfast today by the Internet Watch Foundation, an independent organisation which specialises in shutting down child pornography sites….IWF chief executive Peter Robbins said, since the beginning of this year, IWF has helped in the eradication of 2,092 child sexual abuse websites, 80% of which were commercial operations, by passing on website details from their hotlines to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre and Interpol. “Our analysts witness the results of terrible sexual abuse being inflicted on very young children around the world and then circulated online, ” he said….Since the IWF started 10 years ago, child sexual abuse content hosted in the UK has dropped from 18% in 1997 to less than 1% since 2003.

Nebraska Case Illustrates Patterns in Teacher Sex Abuse Cases, This One Involving Boy, 13 – 11-11-2007 by OSKAR GARCIA, AP Writer LEXINGTON, Neb. (AP)…. The case comes at a time when lawmakers and governors in seven states and Congress are expressing renewed interest in the issue of sexual misconduct by teachers following an investigation by the AP that concluded last month. The AP found that states took action against the licenses of 2,570 educators from 2001 through 2005 following allegations of sexual misbehavior, and that investigators and academics who study the problem believe it is badly underreported. There are about 3 million public school teachers nationwide.

The Trauma Center is a program of Justice Resource Institute (JR1), a large nonprofit organization dedicated to social justice by offering hope and promise of fulfillment to children, adults, and families who are at risk of not receiving effective services essential to their safety, progress, and/or survival. The Executive Director of the Trauma Center is Joseph Spinazzola, Ph.D., and the Medical Director and Founder of the Trauma Center is Bessel van der Kolk, MD, who is an internationally recognized leader in the field of psychological trauma.

Robert F.Anda – Vincent J. Felitti – J. Douglas Bremner – John D.Walker – Charles Whitfield – Bruce D. Perry – Shanta R.Dube – Wayne H. Giles – The enduring effects of abuse and related adverse experiences in childhood – A convergence of evidence from neurobiology and epidemiology…. – Published online: 29 November 2005 Abstract – Background Childhood maltreatment has been linked to a variety of changes in brain structure and function and stress-responsive neurobiological systems. Epidemiological studies have documented the impact of childhood maltreatment on health and emotional well-being. Methods – After a brief review of the neurobiology of childhood trauma, we use the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study as an epidemiological case example of the convergence between epidemiologic and neurobiological evidence of the effects of childhood trauma. The ACE Study included 17,337 adult HMO members and assessed 8 adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) including abuse,witnessing domestic violence, and serious household dysfunction….Results Based upon logistic regression analysis, the risk of every outcome in the affective, somatic, substance abuse,memory,sexual,and aggressionrelated domains increased in a graded fashion as the ACE score increased (P<0.001). The mean number of comorbid outcomes tripled across the range of the ACE score. Conclusions – The graded relationship of the ACE score to 18 different outcomes in multiple domains theoretically parallels the cumulative exposure of the developing brain to the stress response with resulting impairment in multiple brain structures and functions.

Mysteries of the mind unfold at program 10-06-2006 “Eve,” whose real name is Chris Costner Sizemore, and her son, Bobby, spoke to Stetson University students recently at a special program that included a lecture, slide show of Chris’ artwork, a frank question-and-answer session, and a reception. Chris talked openly of her struggles with Multiple Personality Disorder, which in her case had manifested itself in more than 20 personas over several decades. She has been healed for 30 years….Chris was the subject of the 1957 book by Drs. Corbett H. Thigpen and Hervey M. Cleckley, “The Three Faces of Eve” (Kingsport Press), and of the subsequent movie of the same name. Actor Joanne Woodward won an Oscar for her portrayal of Chris, who is depicted in the book and movie as having three personalities and eventually as being cured….One student asked how Chris deals with people who challenge that MPD isn’t a real disorder. “That’s their problem,” she joked, before saying that Duke University researchers analyzed the brushstrokes of paintings created by her seven artist personalities. Each had a distinct brushstroke. Chris said her many personalities arose in response to “hurtful events” during childhood. Today, “I don’t need them,” she said of the personalities. “As a whole person, I can face my realities and deal with them.”

PSYCHOLOGY – Identity Crisis – What is it like to live with 17 alternate selves? A survivor of multiple personality disorder discusses the disease and the painful integration process that made her whole. By Anne Underwood | Newsweek Web Exclusive Oct 22, 2007 Multiple personality disorder is a perplexing phenomenon to outside observers, believed to be brought on by persistent childhood abuse. What is it like living with MPD? And how does a sufferer function, with so many alternate personalities–or “alters”–some of them adults and some children? NEWSWEEK’s Anne Underwood spoke with Karen Overhill–a former sufferer and the subject of a new book, “Switching Time,” by Dr. Richard Baer. Excerpts:

Severe Trauma Affects Kids’ Brain Function, Say Researchers 7/30/07 Science Daily — The first study to examine brain activity patterns in severely traumatized children showed their brains function differently than those of healthy children, say researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.

A case of recovered memory : In the Superior Court of the State of Washington In and for the County of Benton LYNN CROOK, Plaintiff, vs. BRUCE MURPHY and LUCILLE MURPHY, and the marital community composed thereof, Defendants No. 91-2-0011-2-5 VERBATIM REPORT OF PROCEEDINGS Proceedings had before the HONORABLE DENNIS D. YULE, Superior Court Judge, in and for the County of Benton, on the 4th day of March, 1994, at Kennewick, Washington. “My consideration of all of the evidence in this case as I have reviewed it with you this afternoon leads me to conclude that it is more probably than not that the plaintiff was sexually abused by her father and her mother while she was a child. I find further that as a proximate consequence of such abuse, the plaintiff has suffered injuries reflected in symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder, including specifically episodic anxiety, recurrent depression, poor self image, sexual dysfunction, limited range of emotional affect, and hypervigilance. The Court also finds that the other circumstances of stress in the plaintiff’s life about which there has been evidence in this trial as to moves, as to job changes, as to two miscarriages, as to other experience in her life do not adequately account for such symptoms. As a proximate result of such injuries I find that the plaintiff has suffered past economic losses in the amount of $12,080, future economic losses of $17,500, past non-economic damages for pain and suffering of $90,000, and future non-economic damages for pain and suffering of $30,000. Accordingly, in this case the plaintiff is granted judgment in the amount of $149,580. That is the Court’s decision, Counsel. I will sign the appropriate judgment upon presentation. Court will be in recess.”

Ethics Complaints Filed Against Elizabeth Loftus – Journal article by Treating Abuse Today – The following article appears in TREATING ABUSE TODAY magazine, November-December 1995/January-February 1996 ….NOTES FROM THE CONTROVERSY – ETHICS COMPLAINTS FILED AGAINST PROMINENT FMSF BOARD MEMBER – APA DECLINES TO INVESTIGATE In December 1995, two women filed ethics complaints with the American Psychological Association (APA) against Elizabeth Loftus, PhD, regarding her published statements about two legal cases involving delayed memories of sexual abuse. Citing procedural considerations, however, the APA has declined to investigate the women’s ethics complaints. Jennifer Hoult (a concert harpist living in New York) and Lynn Crook (a Washington State consultant) each filed separate complaints with the APA, alleging that Loftus mischaracterized the facts of their legal cases in published articles. Both women brought successful civil suits because of the sexual abuse that the fathers (and the mother, in Crook’s case) perpetrated against them during their childhoods. At their trials, they presented corroborative evidence that met the requirements for judicial proof of their allegations.

Superior Court of the State of California – County of Solano….Case No. FCS021577….IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that Plaintiff NICOLE TAUS have and recover judgement on her complaint against defendant ELIZABETH LOFTUS in the sum of $7500 Date Aug 28 2007 Scott L. Kays Judge of the Superior Court

The Alleged Ethical Violations of Elizabeth Loftus in the Case of Jane Doe


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